Fibre Cement Boards: Should You Avoid, Shortlist or Buy Them?

29 July 2020
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Building a modern home goes beyond a fancy design, looks and expensive décor. Many elements come into play to determine how well your home can fit into contemporary construction standards. When building, you need to think about incorporating green building methods while sticking to a reasonable budget and peculiar style. You want a home that will not only appeal to the eye but also minimise the negative impact it can have on the immediate environment. Such inclinations make you think of a material that can help you achieve all these attributes, and fibre cement boards are a great place to start: Here is why:

The Purpose of Fibre Cement Boards

If you are thinking of incorporating fibre cement boards into your home, then you need to start by understanding the purpose of the boards. These boards are a construction accessory added to the exterior of a building to protect the underlying material from inclement weather and enhance other qualities such as energy efficiency.

The Sustainability of the Material

Sustainability is a key consideration when you are looking for materials to build your home. Natural woods such as cedar are reusable, but you need to use them sparingly to reduce the pressure on forest resources. Fibre cement comprises cement, wood fibres and other additives made using recycled wood. The catch here is that fibre cement optimises wood resources that would have otherwise gone to waste. When you juxtapose it with other materials like vinyl, fibre cement still stands out. It is inert and does not release toxins into the environment at any stage of its production and use.

The Aesthetics Options You Get

Fibre cement leads the way when it comes to aesthetic appeal and variety. You can opt for traditionally flat fibre cement boards when you want a simple and elegant look. If you want to be a little adventurous with the installation, consider using shingles, shakes, lap siding or fibre cement boards with a batten look. Soffits and trims are also great when you want to bring in a unique look.

The Safety Qualities You Enjoy

The availability of fire-rated fibre cement boards makes them a worthy investment for your home. For example, a fibre cement board with a two-hour fire rating can stand up to heat for that period in case of an emergency. You cannot say the same thing about other cladding materials such as vinyl, which melt easily in the event of a fire.

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