What Type of Workwear Should You Purchase for a Job as a Server in a Restaurant?

20 July 2022
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If you have just been hired to work as a server in a restaurant, you might be feeling both excited and nervous about entering the restaurant industry. It's probably important to you to be prepared for the job that you're starting, so you could be wondering about the workwear that you should purchase. Of course, you should ask your new employer for information about the specific clothing that you should purchase or wear since they might have their own rules. However, this is a good list to check out if you want to be sure that you don't forget anything.

Non-Slip Shoes

First of all, you should definitely think about investing in shoes that have non-slip soles. Restaurant kitchen floors can become very slippery, food and beverages can get spilled and the environment can be greasy. Additionally, you might have to do things like clean up spills and mop the floors in the dining area, and you'll want to do what you can to avoid slipping when doing so. The last thing that you want is to slip, fall and get hurt while you're on the job. Plus, many employers require their restaurant employees to wear non-slip shoes.

In addition to making sure that your shoes have non-slip soles, you should also make sure that they meet other specifications. They should offer plenty of support for your feet and ankles. After all, you'll be spending a lot of time on your feet, and you can help prevent permanent damage to your feet—or just plain discomfort—by wearing the right shoes. You should make sure they are the right colour and style, based on your new employer's dress code. You should also make sure they fit properly for safety and comfort purposes.


Generally, you're going to need to wear an apron that is designed for restaurant servers and others who work similar jobs. In many cases, servers wear half-aprons around their waist. These are very useful for carrying necessities, such as your order pad, change to give to customers, tips that your customers leave you, a few pens, straws and more. Your apron should be high-quality and easy to wash and take care of.

As you can see, there are a couple of things you should shop for to be sure that you have the right workwear for your new job. if you follow these recommendations and any recommendations that might have been given to you by your employer, then you should be able to show up for your first day properly dressed and prepared for the job at hand.

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