Considerations When Choosing Outdoor Roller Blinds for Your Patio

7 July 2023
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While it's great to have a patio where you can enjoy the outdoors, depending on where you live, you won't usually be able to use the space all year due to the weather. However, you can spend more time on the patio, regardless of the season, by installing external roller blinds. Here are some considerations regarding these coverings.

Blocking Rain and Wind From the Patio

With external roller blinds, you have a range of materials to choose from, such as PVC, mesh and canvas. Each of these will have a different look, and which you prefer depends on your taste. However, these materials also react differently to weather conditions, so consider which blind will suit your climate.

PVC blocks the wind and rain, so it's the perfect material to block these elements. You might live in a cold southern area of Australia or in a region that receives heavy rainfall that you need protection from. Remember that blinds can shield the patio and outdoor furniture from the weather, even when you're out.

Shading the Patio

If you want a roller blind material to shade the patio, you could choose a mesh design. These not only give shade, but they also let the breeze flow through the fabric, offering relief in a hot, humid climate. Many models specify the degree of UV light they block, which helps you choose the most efficient blinds. When you relax on a shaded patio, you will not only be more comfortable, but your skin will also be protected from sun damage.

A roller blind that shades an attached patio can also prevent sunlight from shining directly on the house windows to keep it cooler. This will allow you to turn down the air conditioning, thus reducing energy costs. The advantage of roller blinds is that they're a semi-permanent type of shade in that you can roll them up in the winter to let the sunlight passively warm your house without consuming extra electricity.

Controlling Light Flow on the Patio

Another factor to bear in mind when choosing blinds is the degree of light they allow to pass. A mesh fabric in a darker colour may block more light than a lighter-coloured blind.

Transparent PVC doesn't block much light unless you choose a roller blind fitted with tinted PVC, which will help reduce the glare on the patio. You can choose a tone that will blend with your home.