Three Reasons Why You Need a Building Surveyor on Your Project

13 May 2020
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A building is only as valuable as its structural integrity. Before you rent, buy or sell a house, you need to have it inspected for possible weaknesses and defects. A building surveyor is the professional tasked with the responsibility to ensure that builders maintain quality standards during the construction process. They are also the people to consult when dealing with projects such as alterations and extensions, as they will know how additional work on a building will affect its integrity. Here are three main reasons why you need to have an experienced building surveyor when buying or selling property.

Analysing the Building for Safety

Safety is what determines whether a house can be lived in or not. A lot falls whether or not a house is considered safe. For example, a house will be deemed unsafe if it still has remnants of asbestos. A house whose foundation is settling is also unsafe because it can fall apart in the future. Electric wiring and plumbing are other factors that determine whether a building is safe or not. A building surveyor is trained to check all these factors and determine whether the builders followed the National Construction Code and other regulations set by the building authorities of Australia when constructing it.

Checking the Building for Energy Efficiency

All buildings must conform to national energy standard regulations for them to be certified as habitable. The building surveyor is a specialist in checking the energy standards of a house and deciding whether it is fit for human habitation. They will also advise anyone who is constructing a house on the regulations to follow to ensure their building is energy efficient. Your house will leave a smaller carbon footprint on the planet.

Understanding the History of the Building

Some restoration projects are simple and straightforward, especially when dealing with modern houses. However, when you are dealing with older houses, especially those that are several centuries old, you will need the trained eye of an expert to help you understand the full cultural heritage of the building. Understanding the historical era when a house was designed helps you understand the additions which will uphold the house's style.

Other roles played by a building surveyor include administration and project management. It is advisable to take your time and choose a competent building surveyor to work on your project. As long as you have an expert handling safety inspection and other aspects of your building, you can rest assured of quality. 

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