A Simple Shopfitting Guide

13 January 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog


You have to keep several considerations in mind when installing shop fittings. This is mainly because the way shopfitting is installed can greatly affect your sales, enhance smooth workflow, maintain order in your shop and enhance customer satisfaction. What are some of these considerations?

Choosing A Shopfitting Company

This is the first step; try as much as possible to choose a shopfitting company that has handled shopfitting services for a business similar to yours in the past. This ensures that you get quality service and even shopfitting tips you might not be aware of. Visit its website and see the exact services it offers, and look at different images. Do you see any resemblance to ideas you might have?

Is the shopfitting company located in your locality, or is it far away? Choose a company near you to make work and transit easier and cheaper.

Do You Know the Kind of Shopfittings You Want?

You might have an idea of the design of the shop fittings you want. Maybe you have seen a nice design in a shop, image or video somewhere, and you think the design will fulfil your shop's needs. If this is the case, share your ideas with the shopfitting company so that you get exactly what you need. If you have pictures or clips, share them with the company.

If you have no clue whatsoever on the shopfitting design you want or where to start, it is recommended to choose a company that has carried out similar shop fitting projects in the past, as indicated above. You will not only be guided on an aesthetically suitable design, but they will offer you a functional and modern one, as well.


Any shopfitting company should not be able to give you an actual cost estimate without sending representatives to your shop for measurements, equipped with the design information you gave them. What you can get is a ballpark range derived from experience. A reputable company will still insist on seeing the business space first or you telling them how big your shop is and getting an idea of what your shopfitting design involves before giving you a price range.

The total cost of the project is derived from the cost of the materials to be used, the labour and the design. Complex designs cost a bit more and take a longer time to complete. However, if the shopfitting company has many workers, the installation time can be reduced.

To learn more about shopfitting services, contact a shopfitting company in your area.