Benefits of Palmetto Turf for Residential Landscaping

24 July 2019
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One area of residential landscaping that can make or break your curb appeal is the lawn. If you have a patchy lawn, it can make the entire area look unkept or dryer than it actually is. One option you can use for your residential landscaping project is palmetto turf. Here are some of the benefits of using this type of grass and what you need to know about each benefit.

Drought Resistance

One of the leading issues that lawns face is lack of water or droughts. This type of dry environmental condition can cause most turf to turn brown, die, or fade in colour. One of the leading benefits of using palmetto turf is that it has a strong resistance to drought-like weather conditions. The turf can hold up under dry conditions that most turf cannot. This also means if you are in a situation where watering your lawn is limited, this turf will be ideal.

Recovery Time

You may be concerned with recovery time and the quality of your turf choice. Recovery time can refer to the time it takes for your lawn to bounce back after the offseason. Palmetto turf has a quick recovery time, offering you the chance to have a fully-developed and richly coloured lawn sooner than most other forms of turf. Though you can use reseeding efforts to fill in any patches that may not be bouncing back as fast as others, it is not needed in most cases.


When you choose the right turf for your landscaping, you may want to take a moment to think about several available options. Most of the options deal with your budget. Palmetto turf offers a budget-friendly option not only with seeding but also with roll-on lawn choices. The budget-friendly aspects of the turf do not stop when you purchase the turf. Since this turf does need as much maintenance as other turf options, you save money on water and other supplies. This means you have an ongoing budget-friendly turf that gives your landscaping a completed look throughout the year. 

If you believe that palmetto turf may be ideal for your upcoming lawn project, contact your local landscaping supply company. They can help you with options, roll-on lawn services, and with landscaping services if they offer them. You can also ask about maintaining the turf and what you need to do to prepare it for seasonal changes.