3 Critical Features to Look Out for in a Line Marking Machine

15 July 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog


Whether it is a parking lot, pavement or road intersection, line marking is crucial to creating boundaries as well as communicating vital road signs to motorists. For instance, markings that represent zebra-crossings have over the years helped to reduce the number of road accidents significantly. That said, line marking is not just about spraying paint onto the road surface and expecting the paint to hold. Notably, having the right line marking equipment is the first step towards ensuring a successful line marking project. This article highlights some of the key features to look out for in a line marking machine.  

1. Self-Propelled -- Most line marking operators believe that by manually pushing and pulling the line marking machine in shifts, then they can mark a bigger section since the device operates at walking speed. While that might be true, some line marking projects do not justify the amount of designated labour. Notably, it is advisable to choose a self-propelled line marking machine. Not only is the tool easy to move around, but it also cost-effectively enhances productivity. Additionally, self-propelled line marking machines allow you to create razor-sharp edges in less time. 

2. Multiple Spray Guns -- Different projects require different types of lines. For example, straight thin lines are more appropriate for parking lots. However, if you are working on critical projects such as significant road intersections or airports, then the markings must be wider with several layers of coats. The only way you can bid for any of these projects is by buying a line marking machine that has multiple spray guns that can be operated simultaneously. The feature allows you to use the single spray gun for a parking lot project and multiple spray guns when you need double or more extensive lines on road intersections. Ultimately, numerous spray guns on a line marking machine eliminate the need for several pieces of equipment.

3. Multiple Spray Material Reservoirs -- Most parking lot markings are not meant to withstand the test of time; therefore, they are marked with waterborne paint. On the other hand, essential sites such as airports require markings that last a very long time; hence, that is why thermoplastic paints are considered the best for such spaces. For that reason, it is essential for a contractor to choose a machine that has two or three reservoirs. The capability allows you easy access to different types of spray material, especially if a project requires both waterborne and thermoplastic paints.