Why Add a Raised Customer Screen to Your POS Scales?

8 August 2019
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If you're shopping around for new POS scales for your store, then your main aim may be to get scales that just weigh fresh foods and print out a barcode label. Your customers then take the item to the tills when they pay for their shopping. However, some POS scales have additional features that may be useful. For example, you could install scales with a raised customer screen. This screen works in tandem with the screen that your employees see when they weigh food, but it is turned to face the customer. Read More 

Know Your Printer Specs: A Must-Read Printer Buying Guide for You

7 August 2019
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In the market for a new printer? Thanks to advances in printer technology, there are more and better choices of printers now than ever before. If you want to buy the right printer, it is important to understand what you need for your work. Take the guesswork out of your printer selection process and buy the right machine by reading this essential printer buying guide. Paper Size What paper sizes do you need to print? Read More 

How to Excavate a Basement to Open up More Space

30 July 2019
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Are you thinking about expanding your property but are faced with certain logistical difficulties? You may be surrounded by other buildings and have a mature canopy of trees above, so you can neither expand outward or upward. Yet your home is built on some sloping terrain, so you may be able to think about expanding downward if you can install a basement beneath. What do you need to bear in mind as you research this alternative? Read More