Could Your Event Use a T-Shirt Screenprinting Company?

1 September 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog


Have you been asked to help plan a sporting event? Maybe, you are arranging a celebration for a group of friends, or even a big community fun day? Whatever is on your mind, there is no better way of building a sense of unity or purpose than selecting special clothing for everyone to wear. In the sporting arena, team colours can bind everyone together in a common goal. For a celebration with a group of friends, having a 'uniform' for the event tells everyone what is going on and provides a great memento after the event. The simplest way of providing unique clothing for your event is to find a company that offers t-shirt screenprinting.

What can T-shirt screenprinting companies offer?

If you have never seen the results of t-shirt screenprinting, it can be surprising to realise how effective it can be at promoting your message or branding. T-shirt screenprinting is known for producing vibrant colours and images that catch the eye and are visible from a distance. Rather than soaking into the t-shirt material, the ink remains on the surface of the t-shirt and can bend with it, helping to preserve the image even after the t-shirt has been worn on multiple occasions. T-shirt screenprinting will be effective with almost any colour of t-shirt, although you must think carefully about whether the design you have chosen will stand out well when combined with the colour of the t-shirt you are using. The final result always looks incredibly professional and can help to create the perfect atmosphere for your event.

Choosing your design

A requirement of the screenprinting process is having the right design ready to print. Perhaps, you already have a logo or text that you want to use for your design or maybe you need a little help to make everything perfect. The t-shirt screenprinting company should work with you to create the design for your t-shirt. If you already have artwork you want to use, ask them what formats their software can accept. If you need advice on what colours to use, what size the logo should be, or where it should be positioned, the t-shirt screenprinting company may offer advice.

Working with a T-shirt screenprinting company

When selecting a t-shirt screenprinting company, there are several issues that you will want to confirm before placing an order. Ask the company about the delivery time for the t-shirts. Some companies could have the t-shirts ready to collect in an hour. Another company may want to post the t-shirts to you after a few days. Also, check the pricing structure the company use. Is there a set-up charge or a minimum t-shirt order cost? Do certain colours or fonts cost extra? Do they offer a discount for bulk orders? Finding out all the details before you place the order can save you money and time later.